Sherrel met me at my place of business to draw blood for a test.  I was surprised how gentle she was.  I did not even feel the needle go in.  She is very professional and I had complete confidence in her.  The blood test I had done had several different tubes and specimens that needed to be handled in a particular way.  She did it perfectly.



Redondo Beach, CA



Sherrel has been working with my daughter, Cori for the past 2 years and she is great! Getting blood drawn is usually seen as an unpleasant experience, especially for children, but Sherrel knows exactly how to turn that around and make it as comfortable as possible. Cori will only let Sherrel draw her blood! 

Diamond Bar
, CA



I have known and utilized Tender Touch's services for several years now. I have always found her to be extremely competent and dependable. They are very professional in manner and I do not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone needing top notch phlebotomy services.

Jim Gilley
Director of Sales- West Division
SpectraCell Laboratories



“Sherrel’s service at Tender Touch has helped me provide a convenient and professional service for my clientele. My patients enjoy her, and her professionalism and reliability are above par. Because of this, my patient compliance has increased dramatically, which contributes to an increase in my bottom line. Sherrel, and the services she provides, are a true asset to my practice.” 


Derek Johnson | Personal Dietitian 
Certified Nutritionist, B.S. Dietetics


I am very happy with the phlebotomy services of Sherrel and Tender Touch Mobile.  She is always courteous, accommodating and prompt.  Most importantly, my patients have all been impressed by her skill and pleasant personality.  I recommend Tender Touch Mobile without reservation.

Gary London, M.D.

West Hollywood, CA



We have worked with Tender Touch now for 2 years and are extremely pleased with their services. Our clients love the convenience of having their blood drawn at their home or office. Tender Touch has always been completely professional and reliable. Tender Touch always does their absolute best to meet our clients’ needs. All collections, packaging and transportation of specimens have been impeccable.   Sherrel has a great personality and is absolutely wonderful to work with. We recommend Tender Touch to all of our clients.


Katherine Trench


Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center



I have been using Tender Touch for about two years as it had been difficult for me to actually get to a blood lab to have my blood drawn for testing.  Sherrel was always prompt which was especially important when I was fasting.  She always has been very professional, comforting and accommodating to my needs.  I always know the blood sample would immediately get to where it needed to go and the insurance claim would be submitted as well.  I will continue to use the services of Tender Touch when needed and I highly recommend Tender Touch.  Thank you.

Margaret Stevens

Sherman Oaks, CA



I have been working with Tender Touch for several years.

This is a wonderful service for both doctors and patients.

The staff is very responsive and very professional.

Sherrel is very gentle and caring with patients.

All samples and submissions are handled efficiently.

There is great attention to detail. I highly recommend Tender Touch to clinicians looking for a mobile phlebotomist to interface with patients, doctors and clinical laboratories.


Dr. Nalini Chilkov, OMD



"Tender Touch is an amazing service! My patients love the convenience of having their blood work done in their home!  Sherrel is compassionate and professional, the complete package!"

Samantha Grant, CN
Hormone and Metabolism Correction

Tender Touch Mobile Phlebotomy Service has done a great job with our clients for over 3 years. Sherrel is always very professional and take wonderful care of both the patients and health care providers! She is our "go to" for all mobile phlebotomy needs in the areas they service.

Lynn Combel
Client Services Supervisor/Metametrix Clinical Laboratory